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Vicki’s Handmade Cards and Gifts

I am an Australian seller of quality Diamond Painting kits or Mosaic Tile Embroidery, Handmade Jewellery, Custom Made Invitations, Beaded Products and unique handmade Greeting Cards for all occasions. Over 100 Diamond Painting kits available on my website with many on sale! We post out daily via Australia Post and you will be provided a tracking number as well. Why buy from overseas and have to wait weeks, we have over 200 kits to choose from, which are available now!


SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 24 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 121 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 201 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 171 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 155 Round Tile

$40-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 79 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 13 Square Tile

SALE! $26 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 31 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 2 Square Tile

$31-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 173 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 34 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 23 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 10 Square Tile

$31-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 94 Square Tile

$34-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 52 Square Tile

$31-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 131 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 198 Round Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 199 Square Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 187 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 36 Round Tile

$30-Mosaic Tile Embroidery 196 Square Tile

SALE! $25 - Mosaic Tile Embroidery 40 Square Tile

$25 - Bracelet J

Its a little cutie. All the pretty pinks and gold, quite delicate and all handmade. Measures 22cm x 1.5cm

$50 - Bracelet D

A little bit Aztec don’t you think ?? Its a statement piece ! Cuff bracelet measures 19cm x 3 1/4 cm

$70 - Bracelet F

Boho Cuff Bracelet. Combination of earthy tones. Measures 23cm x 3cm but can be extended another 3.5cm to fit more comfortably.

$70 - Bracelet H

Another Boho Cuff Bracelet with earthy tones. Very nice if I do say myself. Measures 19cm x 3cm

$80 - Bracelet C

Absolutely cool they say! Another cuff bracelet made from size 11 Myuki Japanese seed beads. Measures 19cm x 3.5cm

$80 - Handbeaded Necklace F

Don’t you love the colours, black, torquise and antique gold. Made up of over 1800 Toho Glass beads, measuring at 50cm. A real statement piece!

$80 - Handbeaded Necklace D

This cute little stunner is measuring at 51cm.Made of size 11 Toho glass beads. Made up of approximately 1500 beads. This cutey is a little skinner than many of the necklaces featured. Colours do not do justice to this piece. Iridescent Blue and Black really make this outstanding.

$80 - Handbeaded Necklace E

Another subtle coloured hand beaded necklace. Mauves are beautiful for Autumn and Winter. Necklace measures at 48cm. Made with size 11 Toho glass beads, approximately 1800 makes this little beauty!

$80 - Handbeaded Necklace G

Autumn colour stunner. One off piece, you won’t see it again! Made from over 1800 beads with Toho glass beads. 50cm in length.

$100 - Beaded Bracelet A

Unique and fully handmade, using size 11 Myuki Japanese seed beads. No two pieces will ever be the same , I use my imagination with colours! This cuff bracelet measures approximately 19cm x 5cm wide

$100 - Bracelet B

Don’t you love the colours? So vibrant! Completely handmade and you’ll never see my pieces duplicated unless you request it. Cuff Bracelet measures 19cm x 5cm wide

$100 - Bracelet E

Japanese Cherry Blossoms, beautiful!! Made from size 11 Myuki Japanese seed beads, who would have thought, haha! This cuff bracelet measures 19cm  x 5.5cm

$130 - Beaded Necklace A

Unique handmade beaded necklace. With over 8,000 beads used to create this spectacular piece of jewellery.  No two pieces will ever be the same. This stunning necklace measuring at 49cm

$130 - Handbeaded Necklace B

Beautifully designed unique necklace. All handmade. With over 7000, size 11 Toho beads used you’ll not see this again. This stunning necklace measuring at 50cm

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