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Lantern – Scent Soy Soap

At Lantern we offer high quality hand made products to fragrance your home. Gorgeous candles & melts, diffusers and bath products. All scents available in our 100% soy candles & melts, reed diffusers, room sprays and as oils to add to our gorgeous ultra sonic mist diffusers!

From $10 each - Candles

Hand poured with love and care, Lantern candles are made with natural soy wax and use the highest quality Australian made fragrance oils. Available in two sizes, larger sizes are $20 each, while smaller sizes are $10 each. Special – 2 large candles for $35!


Only $25 each - Reed Diffusers

Lantern Reed diffusers are a fabulous way to add scent to your home without doing a thing !! Easily lasting for up to a year. Available in all scents.

Only $2 each - Soy Wax Shots

Lantern Soy Wax Shots are a wonderful way to try new fragrances!! They are a large individual melt, and at only $2 each, why not grab a few ??

Only $12 packet - Deluxe Bath Soak

Lantern Deluxe Bath Soak will leave you skin soft and smooth. With nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and chunks of cocoa and shea butter, it makes for a relaxing and soothing bath experience. 

$25 each - Plug In Wax Warmers

Place your melt in the top, and the heat from the lamp melts the wax. Plugs straight into the power point, taking up no bench space. Comes with a free pack of melts!

$65 each - Ultra Sonic Mist Diffuser

Simply fill internal tank with water and a few drops of your favourite scent. You control how strong or subtle the scent is by adjusting how much you use. It will switch off automatically, when out of water, making it very safe and easy to use. Many designs available, includes a free bottle of fragrance oil.

$40 each - Electric Wax Warmers

Enhance the decor of your home with these classic electric wax warmers. Available in white, grey or black. Comes with a free pack of wax melts !!


$10 Only - Room Spray

Lantern Room Spray lets you quickly revitalise any room in your house with a few quick sprays. Great to freshen up stuffy linen. Available in all scents.


$10 each - Fragrance Pouches

Fragrance pouches are a great way to add fragrance anywhere !! Hang in the wardrobe, place in a draw, or anywhere else you can think of !! Special – 2 for $16 available in any scent.


Only $5 - Solid Bubble Bath

Just break off a piece and crumble under running water for bubbles galore !!! 

Only $5 each - 😍BATH BOMBS😍

Our core bath bomb range includes Watermelon, Ocean Breeze, Bubblegum, Champagne & Strawberries. Fizzy, fragrant, colourful bath time fun!! Special package deal of 3 for $12!

Only $5 - Bunny Bath Bombs

Bunny Bath Bombs!! Super colourful fun!! 


$12 a jar - Fizzy Bath Powder

A fabulous fizzy jar of fun!! Sprinkle onto the bath water and watch the colours explode into bath art!!


Only $6 each - Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils for your Ultra Sonic Mist Diffusers. Available in any scent on our fragrance list. Made in Australia. 


Pack of 2 for $5 - Shower Steamers

Lantern Shower Steamers are a fabulous way to help with sinus or a blocked nose. Made with menthol crystals and Peppermint & Eucalyptus oil, inhale as it slowly dissolves and enjoy an aromatherapy shower. 


$10 per pack - Bag of Minis

Includes 6 mini bath bombs. Great for kid size bath and pedicures !!

Only $15 - Mini Bath Bombs

Includes 7 mini bath bombs and loofah sponge. Fantastic gift ideas !! 

Only $5 each - Wax Melts

Lantern wax melts are an easy way to scent your home. Use with a tealight burner or an electric wax warmer to warm the wax, releasing the beautiful fragrance. 

Only $5 each - Handpoured Soaps

Lantern hand poured soaps , scented in Beach Cocktail, Shades and Ocean Breeze. 

Only $6 each - Halloween bath dippers

Fun halloween bath bombs that sizzle in their pots!

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